Prepping Your Guest Room for the Holidays

It can be easy to overlook your guest room until the holidays roll around. Follow along to see how Chelsea of Making Home Base thoughtfully preps her guest bedroom to prepare for Holiday visitors.

Prepping Your Guest Room for the Holidays

We’re entering the season of entertaining, which means having overnight guests. I love hosting overnight guests. I enjoy staying up late playing cards with friends and chatting over coffee in the mornings. Recently, in collaboration with The Home Depot, we made some gorgeous changes to our guest room to make it more comfortable and luxurious for our incoming guests.

Prepping Your Guest Room for the Holidays

As we roll into the season of hosting, I wanted to share some things you can do to make your guests feel at home throughout their stay.

Prepping Your Guest Room for the Holidays

Prepping Your Guest Room for the Holidays

Invest in Good Bedding

I’m embarrassed to admit that for many years our guest bed donned the rejected, often mismatched sheet sets. Once we moved to Florida and began getting more visitors it was important to me to make the bed feel as luxurious as one you would find at a fancy hotel. That means lots of pillows, silky soft sheets and the coziest blankets.

Prepping Your Guest Room for the Holidays

Down Alternative Comforter | Duvet | Sheet Set | Blanket | Euro Shams | Accent Pillows

The current bedding situation in this room is so good that I go in there to just lay down and catch my breath for a few minutes a day.

Nightstand | Artwork | Lamp

Have Some Empty Drawers and Closet Space for Them to Unpack

I selected this nightstand in particular because it had drawer space. Our guest room is a rather small space so we only have room for a small chest of drawers. Having a nightstand with additional drawer space is great for guests that want to unpack and have a place for their belongings throughout their stay. We use our guest room closet as a storage space but I do like to clear out a section for guests and provide plenty of hangers for them as well.

Have Simple Items Ready for Your Guests When They Arrive

I like to put a few snacks in the top drawer of the nightstand or in a basket on the bed. I also include a couple of bottles of water so that they can unwind and refresh after traveling without coming out of the room. Additionally, providing them towels and the password to the Wi-Fi is so helpful! I always try to anticipate their needs and have it ready so they don’t even have to ask.

Consider the Space a Retreat

Sometimes our house can feel a bit chaotic (the two kids and all). Being able to retreat to the guest room when needed is important! Fresh flowers help with that. I also like to have a couple of coffee table books on the shelf, a bedside lamp and throw blanket available for guests so they can retreat and spend some quiet time whenever they need it.

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