Backyard Renovation with a Tiny Patio

Renovations can be difficult for small patios. Arie Williams, of Delightfully Styled  transformed her backyard patio space with the help of paint, planters and patio furniture from The Home Depot.

Backyard Retreat

tiny patio

We are more than happy with the outcome of this tiny patio! With a little bit of elbow grease, we turned this spot into our morning coffee moments and evening chat sessions. I wanted this space to be fun, cozy and a family favorite. Since my hubby and I are school teachers, it had to be a great place to unwind. We found everything that we needed for this patio from our local Home Depot.

Checkerboard Flooring

tiny patio

I wanted a fun pattern that would stand out as soon as you rounded the corner of the house. It really turned out so beautiful. We used a few different paints here to achieve this bold, checkered patio; Kilz Primer,Behr (Ultra Pure White) Porch and Patio Paint  and Behr (Tar Black) Porch and Patio Paint. The paint gave us the pops of color we were looking for.

We decided to use a DeWalt chalk reel to chalk off the lines, and then we taped them off with ScotchBlue painters tape. We wanted the lines to look as uniform as possible to help with keeping the checker board going. The squares are such a wonderful look, and they are so jazzy on this tiny porch.

Patio Furniture

tiny patio

The furniture that we decided to use was the Hampton Bay Laurel Oaks patio set We are so happy with our choice and the look it gave this tiny patio. The cushion quality is really nice, and we also chose some really cute outdoor pillows to amp it up a bit!

Finishing Touches

tiny patio

I knew that I wanted this place to be cozy. That was the number one thing that stuck out in my mind. My home has always been cozy, and that is my love language of peace. Flowers and plants were going to be apart of this plan from the beginning. We decided to use barrel planters to create a moving garden.

We added our own touch to the planters by adding two 4 in. x 4 in. timbers. First, we painted the timbers with leftover patio paint. Then, the planters were filled halfway with Quikrete, and we mixed it until there was a brownie batter consistency. We placed each painted timber in a planter for a simple, yet impactful touch.

Bar Cart

We also wanted an area for drinks, snacks and appetizers. We picked out the Noble House eden wood outdoor serving bar. The bar cart has industrial but rustic charm. Our bar cart will always stay ready and stocked for those night chatting sessions on our tiny patio.

tiny patio


tiny patio

I added more lighting to my patio to complete the cozy feeling I was looking for. These string lights come in many sizes, but the larger ones were perfect for bringing the whole space together.

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