A Christmas Tree That’s New And Old

Jaime Dorobek of C.R.A.F.T. decorates her Christmas tree using both modern and heirloom ornaments to create a look that’s both new and old. Read more to see how she creates a whimsical decor statement.

A Christmas Tree That’s New And Old

I love our Christmas tree and am so excited to team up with The Home Depot to share a look that’s both new and old. This year, we created a whimsical and kid-friendly Christmas tree adorned with three generations of handmade ornaments as well as new, modern ornaments too.

Our 7.5-foot-tall pre lit Christmas tree is gorgeous and wait for it… changes colors and settings with a remote control! My kids are in love. They think it’s fun to be able to change the tree from white to color to flickering lights with the click of a button.

I decided to go with a pink, mint and cranberry themed tree with a vintage, whimsical flair. The Home Depot gave me the inspiration with these gorgeous, shatter resistant ornaments that came in a pack of 101!

My 4-year-old son insisted we have a star topper and picked out this beauty from The Home Depot. It’s perfect!

One of my Christmas tree secret weapons is yarn! Yarn is inexpensive and easier than ribbon for me to work with. This year I used a pink, thick yarn and simply wrapped the skein in and out of branches.

I also made these adorable snowman ornaments with a hot glue gun and different sized PVC pipe segments from The Home Depot. Check out this post for the detailed tutorial of the DIY snowman ornaments.

I also painted different sized paintbrushes to add a little whimsy to our Christmas tree. How fun are these paintbrush Santa Claus ornaments?! Check out this post on C.R.A.F.T. for the complete tutorial on these simple, unbreakable Santa paintbrush ornaments.

Since I don’t typically wrap presents until the last minute, I love the pop of color this red reindeer from The Home Depot adds under our tree all season long.

Shop the complete look:

Our Christmas tree holds three generations of handmade ornaments combined with tons of brand-new shatterproof ornaments from The Home Depot. It’s the perfect combination of vintage and whimsy and makes me smile every time I pass by. I hope your holiday decorations make you feel all warm and fuzzy too!

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